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Implementation Science

Project READ activities address key factors that drive successful implementation, including: selection, training, coaching, systems intervention, facilitative administration, decision support systems, and leadership, all critical to implementation with fidelity and achieving student benefits.

Implementation of new practices at a school site is a change process that happens over many years, with overall implementation and the implementation of each practice unfolding in stages. These stages range from exploration and consideration of change, to preparation for and installation of a practice, to learning how to implement a practice, to fully and sustainably implementing a practice. Project READ builds in training and support for each stage of implementation, for each focus area.

Evidence-based personnel development practices inform Project READ training and coaching: in planning how to introduce and illustrate a practice, in applying and evaluating use of the practice, and toward deep understanding through reflection and mastery of a practice.

The work of Project READ is guided and informed by current implementation science and adult learning principles.