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ISES Indicator Workgroups


Workgroup Number

Indicators discussed in the workgroup


Workgroup #1

Strategic Plan for Recruitment, Preparation and Retention of Special Educator Professionals

Janet Canning,

Lisa Churchill

Workgroup #2

Indicator 9: Disproportionality Overall

Indicator 10: Disproportionality Disability

Bernie Yaklin

Cesar D’Agord

Workgroup #3

Indicator 5: Least Restrictive Environment (LRE)

Dona Meinders

Jennifer Faukner

Workgroup #4

Indicator 6: Pre-school LRE

Indicator 7: Pre-school Assessment

Indicator 12: Part C to Part B Transition

Meredith Cathcart

Kathleen Finn

Workgroup #5

Indicator 13: Secondary Transition

Indicator 14: Post-School

Linda Kageff

Dan Boomer

Workgroup #6

Indicator 8: Parent Involvement

Cathy Mikitka,

Marta Anchando






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